50 Amazing TikTok Account Ideas [ That Will Blow Your Mind ]

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If you come here searching ‘Tiktok Account Ideas’, That means you are wondering what topic you should choose to create videos that people engage with and share.

Read this guide completely, because you are just a few steps away to build a popular Tiktok account.

If you are worried about what type of Tiktok account to create, This guide will help you choose the perfect topic that people engage with and share insanely.

Here we have found some hot niches to use with TikTok to be popular on TikTok in 2020. Later on, we will also discuss how to profit from these niches.

Here is some data to prove to users why TikTok will be a big deal and how you can help them.


Best Tiktok Account Ideas 2020

There are plenty of TikTok Account ideas you can create an account but here are some lucrative ideas that will blow everyone away.



best tiktok account ideas 2020

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you can start playing video tours, as there is no competition in TikTok in this niche. Another thing you can do is the speed run, in which you run through a whole game as fast as possible. You can also include the latest news about the game because the players want to see how other people are playing the same game they are playing.

Short Recipes


Who doesn’t love food? Yep, You can start a short recipe account. If you want to get help, You can check Instagram (There are many accounts on Instagram that shares short recipes video) You can make cupcakes, donut, Icecream recipes, quick burger recipes, etc. These recipes are very popular. Start making videos with chocolate drizzle cookies and make a profit 🙂 One of the best TikTok Account Ideas, Right?

Fitness ideas


fitness tiktok idea

You can make fitness ideas where you can share bodybuilding, yoga, power exercise, martial arts, cardio, CrossFit exercises, and many more you can choose.



traveling tiltok ideas

Traveling is a good niche. What is best about traveling is that you can make money while enjoying your hobby. It’s like you don’t do any work. Your hobby pays you off. You can combine it with vlogging. All you need is your smartphone or a Go-Pro camera. Then, you can shoot videos of various places. One of the best TikTok Account Ideas, Right?


tech tiktok ideas

If you are good at anything online, you can teach others. For example, you are good at blogging, then, you can teach people how to run a thriving blog. I personally like technology. There are many things you can cover on this topic. There are quite a lot of sub-topics for this niche. You can review gadgets. You can create unboxing videos of gadgets or smartphones etc. wearable technology. Online technology, 3d technology, computer tech. there are many topics out there. This can be one of the best TikTok Account Ideas.

Food Reviews


food tiktok ideas

If you are a foodie guy, this is the best way to make your following on TikTok while enjoying your favorite food at different restaurants. You can review local and street food also. If your budget allows, you can travel to various countries and share the experience of their Cuisine.

Life Hacks:

life hack tiktok ideas

I like this topic. Who doesn’t want life hacks to make life simpler? Everyone needs it. I watch life hacks videos even for satisfaction. If you can help people it could take your journey to the next level. Here I would like to give the example of a “Five-minute crafts Youtube channel” that has 100 million subscribers. That means life hacks are so popular. You can take help from five-minute craft to build your channel.

Memes & Humour:

memes tiktok ideas

This is by far the best option if you are not sure about anything. Why, because all the social media platforms have those memes pages which have millions of people share. You can get your ideas from Facebook pages, Fb groups, Youtube channels, Instagram accounts, etc. You can lip-sync funny dialogues. This type of content is shared on a large scale all over the world.

Celebrity Gossip

If you love cinema, you are not alone. There are a majority of people who love watching movies. People not only watch movies of their favorite actor/actress but they are also interested in the personal life of the actor or actress. This thing opens a big opportunity. People share all that kind of stuff like crazy.

Outdoor Recreation


outdoor tiktok ideas

Hiking, mountaineering, paddle boarding there are many things you can cover in outdoor recreation. Just because people love to go out to enjoy their favorite outdoor activity.

Dating Advice


dating tiktok ideas

Dating is an evergreen topic you can start your account with. And you won’t regret it. Because every boy wants a girlfriend and every girl wants a life partner to hang around with.


pets tiktok ideas

Here you can be specific by choosing specific bread such as American bully, Pitbulls, Rotto wheeler, German Shepherd, etc.

Sports Highlight Videos

DIY and Crafts

This idea is inspired by the ‘Five Minute Crafts‘ Youtube channel. Go to their Youtube channel or Instagram handle and see what videos are popular. Don’t copy the content, copy the idea instead. Pick the best ideas and shoot your own videos.


The trending TikTok dances form many of the app’s most popular videos, as users lay down on some song and recreate a distinctive piece of choreography, whether it’s especially hard, funny, or straight-up weird, laugh-out-loud.

3D Animation

3D animated videos are now becoming increasingly popular. Your audience will expand every day if you create animation videos. 3D animated videos are enjoyed by all, starting with children to even adults. But if you ask, how are they made?

To build a stunning animated video, you can use animated software like Blender. Different processes such as texturing, lighting, and rending are involved when designing applications for 3D animation.

Diet, health, nutrition

More relaxation, yoga, wellness, and meditation videos than ever before are seen on YouTube. Google reported in 2019 that viewing times for stress management videos have increased by over 60 percent a year with only 70 percent over the last twelve months.


A make-up tutorial is a common way to learn and teach people how to make-up. It is best achieved through video, as audiences can see exactly how technology is carried out. Tutorials may take a great deal of time, but it’s worth looking at your finished product and seeing how others benefit from your maquillages and experience.


I would recommend that you whirl various items relating to your profession if you are a fashion influencer. You can’t only restrict yourself to pictures on TikTok. A 3-minute video will clarify how to wear and wear with style if only a photo reveals what the dress looks like.


You won’t have to read anything about the philosophy of films or buy your pricey video camera. You would not need a difficult video editor or thousands of Twitter followers who are eager to share your masterpiece. You will need only some basic facilities and an idea. Here’s how to turn your photographs into amazing videos.


You don’t have to show your face in your videos, or even talk about them if you don’t want to, because you are doing something with your hands, or recording your phone. This is one of the best TikTok account ideas without showing your face.

Music Covers

Take your camera, point it to you, place your headphones on and start your song. Start MOUTHING, don’t really sing the words you want to sing.

Motivational Quotes

You can create a slideshow of motivational quotes and then create a video with the help of any video editing software.


A prank video is very different from other TikTok content. Note, your camera operator could be hidden somewhere so you will either need to stay in contact with them to let them know when they want to start filming or to know if they can get the shot.


Since its launch in 2017, TikTok has grown from a relatively unknown app for making short videos to the most popular social video sharing site on the planet.

There are millions and billions of people who use TikTok to show up their talent. If you feel you have a talent to produce videos but not sure about what type of topic you should pick up for regular content creation, then we may help you.

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