How To Start A Profitable Blog In 2020 : Full Guide

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A full monthly income from the internet. There is nothing more beautiful than that? It’s possible! Follow the steps below and create your blog that will make you more money every month than you can make.

Sounds impossible? Make it possible.

Most people say:

  • “That is not possible at all.”
  • “I don’t think that’s possible.”
  • “What nonsense.”
  • “I can’t.”
  • “I do not know anything about that.”
  • “I may not be able to do it.”
  • “Not for me.”

You and I know better. Many have preceded us. Now you! A profitable blog is not always easy to create. By that, I mean that you have to go through a number of steps to achieve this. But it certainly is possible if you do the right things. There are a number of crucial things you need to comply with and keep in mind.

Are you sure you want this?

What you should be aware of is the following. If you start a (profitable) blog, then you start blogging.

Logical. Blogging alone means you are going to write. Very. A lot of. To write. In the early hours. Until the late hours. Until you drop. Whether it is good, bad, or laughable what you got on paper. It does not matter. As long as you write.

Are you sure you want that? After all, it is not for everyone. Most of us are not willing to spend long days behind the laptop to tap. And even more to tap. To tap. To tap. To tap. Until it makes you completely redhead!

And that’s the great thing about blogging. Once you have a  profitable blog, that’s your profession. As is the case with me. Every letter I write here is another contribution to my blog. That will generate money in the long term. It’s a nice touch and I understand that you want that too.

There is a book written by Steven Pressfield called The War of Art; Winning The Inner Creative Battle.  Like many of us, we procrastinate and don’t do what we have to do. He calls the phenomenon “Resistance”.

The bottom line is that in our heads we resist or resist what we really want deep down.

Like starting a successful blog. Start your own business. Resign from the job that does not make us happy and do something completely different. Pack all things and leave with the northern sun. Steven Pressfield tackles this resistance that you create in your own head. You learn to recognize it within yourself. You learn to eradicate it.

It is one of the most valuable books I have ever read, along with his other book Do the Work. If you seriously want to know how to start a blog and make it your profession. Then read these two books and you have taken the first steps towards a bright future.

Deal with your inner doubts. If you want to start AND maintain a profitable blog, you need to tackle and remove that self-doubt at its root.

Write correctly & passionately

Before you start. Virtually nothing is worse than a blog post full of errors. 

It is ironic that I am regularly guilty of it. My sentence structure is generally short. Short, running sentences. Where normally there is a comma. I put a point. Why? That reads nicely.

Still, I want to save you from it. Especially in the beginning, you want to have your grammar and spelling in order. Leave typos. It’s disturbing. As a novice blogger, it is deadly.

Besides writing correctly. Write with passion. Blogging is what you prefer to do about topics of your genuine interest. What good is it if you have to write 100 articles on all different types of tea flavors. While you hate tea. Just to give an example.

Stick to yourself is my advice. The more authentic. The more it appeals and how easy it is for you to sustain it.


  1. Make a list of 5 topics that you are passionate about. 
    Example of myself: 1. fitness 2. healthy food 3. personal development 4. dating, relationships, and sexuality 5. passive income generation.
  2. Log in to Google AdWords. You don’t have to make an ad. Research which keywords are often searched for that relate to your passions.
  3. Write down at least 20 keywords from one or more passions that you can write an article about.
  4. Continue to the next step.

How do you make your blog profitable?

Depending on what you can already do. I will teach you the following steps. The easiest way to start a blog is with WordPress. Free. Easy to use. You can start immediately.

More about that in a moment.

To make a blog profitable, you need to make sure that money comes in with your blog. That sounds crazy logical. I’ll tell you something. Do you remember the link I just posted to the book  The War of Art; Winning The Inner Creative Battle? The moment someone buys the book via that link, I receive a commission.

In other words; place links through your blog articles that refer to products. So that you can earn money.

Have you written a book yourself or developed online video training? Brilliant. Write as many articles as possible on that subject and price your product indefinitely.

In concrete terms: How do you start a blog that generates money?

At the time of writing, I have not developed any products myself. This is something for the future.

The money I receive is purely by praising and referring to other products. Also saves me a lot of customer service work. We act as an intermediary in which we link buyer and sellers.

All I do can be roughly described in 8 steps.

  1. Get up at 5 a.m. four days a week.
  2. Drinking coffee.
  3. Get ideas for new blogging material.
  4. Finding the right keywords for topics I want to write about.
  5. Writing articles like crazy.
  6. Make the articles profitable by referring to valuable books/courses/training etc.
  7. Further, optimize articles.
  8. Relax.

All this did not just happen overnight. It cost me time, effort, and money. To study. To practice. Fall and rise. There is a very important course that teaches us exactly how to set up your own blog & make it profitable. Everything we do here stems from that course,

Plant the seed today so you can harvest tomorrow.


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