How To Pin Someone On Snapchat (Android Users and iOS Users))

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Do you want to pin someone on Snapchat? Many android users ask this question in online forums. Here’s how to do it within 2 minutes.

If tons of people snap at you, you may miss snaps from your friends or family. That’s why the “Pin Conversations” feature was built by Snapchat. If you have an android smartphone, you can also pin conversations easily. You should place your conversation on top so that you can’t miss a snap. Pinned discussions remain at the top even though you receive new chats or snaps from other friends or groups.

How you can pin someone on Snapchat (Android & iOS Device)

  • To start with, wave right on the Camera screen to the Friends screen.
  • Then press and hold on to a Person or a Group.
  • Now tap ‘Chat Settings‘ and then tap ‘Pin Conversation

Pinning Conversation is nothing new. In reality, in June last year when the feature was being tested, famous social media commentator Matt Navarra had been tweeting about this feature.

This feature, as its name implies, allows you to pin a conversation and make snaps from these contacts easy to notice. On the top of your friends’ phone are the pinned conversations.

But if you are new and want to know how to use the feature, read on. Official documentation from Snapchat:

how to pin someone on snapchat android

Pinned conversations stay at the top, even if you get new Chats or Snaps from other friends or Groups

How to unpin someone on Snapchat that blocked you

If you wish to unpin a conversation, you will have to just tap ‘Chat settings’-> ‘Unpin conversation’ in the last step, but the steps remain the same as those listed above.

Another important point to remember here is that when you pin or unpin your conversations, your contact (s) will not be informed, so there is no social pressure on you when you use this feature.

While we were unable to confirm it with official documents, we would like to share that some users have reported that they can pin up to three conversations with this feature only.

how do i pin someone on snapchat android
How to pin someone on snapchat iOs and android

As big as Snapchat is as a way to connect with your mates, your experience with the app will surely improve as quickly and efficiently as possible. Fortunately, Snapchat often finds ways of enhancing users like the time they spend on the app and while sometimes they miss the mark (as anyone who hates the latest news will tell you), it’s nice to know they’re trying, right?

The option to place people (or discussions with people) at the top of your feed is a nice feature available on Snapchat these days. You don’t have to scroll through a bunch of other less important updates in order to get to the right thing (no offense to those lower priority convos!). It’s also super fast — it’s just like this.

can you pin someone on snapchat on android 2021
How to pin someone on Snapchat android

For a variety of reasons, you might want to pin those convos. Perhaps you are waiting for a message that is really important and want to make sure you do not miss it, or you are either a busy person who has no limitless time to browse through your contacts and collecting groups just to get your most important messages. Regardless of your reason, it is super simple and only takes about two seconds to pin guests at the top of your friends’ page.

Can you pin someone on Snapchat on Android 2021?

At this moment, pinning functionality is only available on iOS. (if you are an Android user, anyhow). Our apologies to anyone who sends and receives snaps on an iPhone, but we suppose you probably didn’t have the last notifications at this stage (not saying that, though, that makes it OK!).

On iOS, simply press and hold your finger on a friend’s name or conversation you want to join from a camera’s screen. Simply tap the Chat screen. Tap ‘Pin Talk’ and pick ‘Chat Settings.’ And voila! Usually, it instantly keeps friends and guests friends close to the top of your feed and keeps it up regardless of when the latest activity has happened, whether you pin a friend or speak.

Nobody is told if you initiate a chat so that you can pin away and don’t worry what everybody thinks you want – but most of us probably don’t care. If you decide to unpin a conversation for something, it’s really simple! Just tap and hold the friend or speaking, tap “Settings for the chat” and pick “Chat to unplug.”

Snapchat uses a red push-pin emoji next to your pinned talk by default, but you can customize it to whatever you want. To this end, open the ‘My Profile’ tab for your environment, scroll down to select the option ‘Maintain,’ tap the ‘Friend Emojis’ button, and adjust the pushpin to whatever the pushpin you want. Just a few emojis are currently available for personalized use as emojis.

how to unpin someone on snapchat that blocked you

Pinning discussions at the top of your feed can seem like a tiny detail, but it makes it easier and quicker to access the app. We are certainly fans of this tiny way of enhancing Snapchat!

You’re new to pinning someone on Snapchat? (android and iOS) Or have you used this function already? Share your remarks and opinions in the following comment section with us at every event.

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