What Can Your Followers See On Your Facebook Profile

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Your followers can only see posts that you’ve made public on your Facebook profile. They can also see a variety of things such as your profile photo, the page’s name, cover photo, and any posts or images on your timeline that are public. They can also contact you if they wish to become Facebook friends with you.

You might think that Facebook is just for personal use. You can indeed use Facebook to connect with friends and family, but your followers can also see your public posts. This includes anything you post on your timelines, like photos or videos. You might not want to share everything about your life with the entire world. If this is the case, you have come to the right place.

What do they see when they visit your profile?

Followers should be able to see only the information you make “public” on your profile. Your Cover Photo and Profile Pic are visible at all times and cannot be hidden.

They can view posts from your News Feed and also like or comment on them. They may be notified when you change your status or upload images. They’ll also be aware of events you attend, groups you belong to, and pages you’ve liked. Before sharing anything on Facebook, it’s a good idea to consider who will see it.

what can your followers see on your facebook profile

Who can see my posts on Facebook?

When posting on Facebook, there are a few settings that can be set. The default option is for all of your followers to see your posts. If you want to limit who can see your post, then you can change the setting to friends only. You can also post something so that it’s only viewable by you, or in a secret group where no one else has access.

There are several privacy options you can choose from when posting on Facebook. The first is to only share the post with your friends. This option will prevent people who are not your friends from seeing what you post on Facebook.

The next option is “public.” This will allow anyone to see your posts, including people who are not your friends or aren’t on Facebook at all.

Another option is “friends of friends,” which means that the post can be seen by all of your friends and any of their friends who have also chosen to share content publicly.

Finally, there is the “friends” option, which allows your content to be seen by only those who are in your immediate social circle on Facebook.

who can see my post on facebook

What Shows Up When Someone Searches for You on Facebook

Your Facebook profile will show up when someone searches for your name on Facebook. When someone searches for you, they will find your public posts, friends list (if it’s not set to private), photos you are tagged in, and your profile picture on the search results page. They may also be able to see any other public info about you that is available from third-party websites like Wikipedia or Zillow.

Privacy Tip

You can make your profile private so that only people who are connected with you can see it by going to Settings > Privacy > Who can look me up? > Search Engines and Social Media.

How To Regulate Access To Your Posts

Facebook gives you several options when it comes to managing the privacy of your profile. As an example, you have the option of making your posts public or private. Only your close friends will be able to see them if you want to make them private. You can also choose to make some sections of your profile public while keeping others private. The most essential thing to keep in mind is that on the desktop version of Facebook, you can access these options in the upper-right area of your screen.

How to make your profile private

If you want to make your profile completely private, go to Settings and look for Privacy. Click on Privacy Shortcuts and select from the list of options.

If you’d like only a select number of people to see your posts, then click on “Friends” under Friends Lists and edit accordingly.

If you want your entire network of friends and family to have the same access, then click on Public under Friends Lists.

You can also change the audience that sees a post before you share it with just one click. To do this, click on Edit Post or Share when viewing a post in your timeline. From here, choose your desired audience by clicking Public or Friends (depending on what you would prefer).

The “Friends list” Setting

Facebook posts can be hidden from specific people by adjusting the “friends list” setting. This will allow you to make posts that friends on your list can’t see. The “friends list” setting will show you a list of all the people who are following your Facebook page and allow you to select certain people who don’t need to see your update. You can also make this adjustment for individual posts. If you make a post, then click the three dots to the right of the text box, it will allow you to adjust which friends see that post.


We hope this blog has taught you more about the Facebook profile. It is important to know the basics so that you can update it according to your needs. You should also remember when posting content, like pictures and videos, where you go online can be seen by your followers as well.

With many people using Facebook as their primary social media platform, it’s important to know what they can see while they’re following you. Facebook offers some privacy settings that only allow your posts to be seen by the people who follow you and not the public. However, some things will be visible regardless of your settings. For example, if you upload a photo directly from your phone, it will show up in your profile picture and on the left-hand side of your profile page. This is a way for your followers to see what you’re up to at any given time.

The main point of this blog is that you should be aware of what your followers see on Facebook. Remove any information that might put you in a bad light, such as anything from the past or anything controversial. Avoid posting pictures with half-naked people, drugs, or other illegal activities.

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