Twitter Buss it (Viral Challenge) Gone Too Far? Here’s what happened

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Twitter buss it viral challenge gone too far? Here is what is Babychar17’s buss it challenge and how it started. Has it gone wrong?

The “#BussItChallenge” is a challenge from TikTok that has become viral in the last few weeks, in which users are playing in normal, daily costumes, in accordance with Erik Banks’ “Buss It.” Buss It was one of the biggest TikTok challenges in January when people were twisting along with Erica Banks’ Buss.

The New Buss It Challenge On Twitter

In recent days, a Twitter video showing a person taking the Buss It Challenge viral. Posted by the founder of OnlyFans known as @babychar17, the video was first uploaded to TikTok, but it was deleted and subsequently reposted on Twitter.

Neither Babychar17 is the first person to take the Buss It trend too far because Slim Santana took over social media last week alone in a similar video. The Buss It Challenge has certainly changed, and a once innocent TikTok trend is forever tainted.

Who is Slim Santana?

Slim Santana is the creator of OnlyFans, who has over 200,000 Twitter followers, who made their own explicit Buss It Challenges presentation. Slim Santana is what you could call ‘famous for Twitter.’ Her Buss It Challenge has reached over 1.1 million views on the platform on January 23rd. Not only on its Twitter but also on its Onlyfans page, it has a lot to offer.

A variety of people have taken the video to Twitter to react to what they have just seen, after seeing it on their social media account.

Here’s one of the videos of Buss it challenge

Here’s everything you need to know about Yannahxney and the viral video

On 25 January 2021, a video was posted on Yannahxney’s TikTok account.
The video shows a text that reads “Shawty has been snapping this challenge” – the video can be seen on Youtube.

The 18-year-old TikToker began his TikTok account in January 2020 and in only 12 months of posting already won 130K followers.
While she is trying to make her way across all the social networks that you can think of – Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The video, of course, raised a lot of questions: to whom does it react? And how did this video snap “Shawty?”

Her name is @slimothyjames and has over 800 subscribers on Onlyfans. The true name of this star is not public but we know that its African-American ethnicity is 28 years old and lives in the USA.

The hashtag #BussItChallenge had an enormous view of TikTok (3.2 billion). First, with its explicit presentation of the Buss It Challenge, Slim Santana went viral, but there is another one taking over Twitter now.

Chloe Bailey Buss it Viral challenge video

Chloe Bailey is Halle Bailey’s 22-year-old sister. Both the sisters are well-known for their R&B music compositions. The sisters have also acted in sitcoms such as Grown-ish, The Kids Are Alright, and others. Chloe recently took to Instagram to join the Buss It challenge bandwagon and make her own version of the challenge.

The singer shared the challenge video on her Instagram account on January 22 and it has already received over 800,000 views. Chloe appears in the video wearing a black and gold robe and a shower hat over her hair. She’s dressed in a revealing black strappy blouse and a revealing black side slit skirt as the chorus ends. As the song continues to play, she begins to dance and twerk.

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