How To Do Sendit On Snapchat: A Simple And Definitive Guide

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I think everyone has used the Snapchat app to communicate with friends and family. I find it very useful for things like capturing a quick selfie, sending a short video message, or sharing some photos with my friends.

But what I enjoy most is connecting with all my followers using Sendit. It’s a really fun and cool way to start a conversation with your friends. If you’re new to Sendit, I’ve created the most simple guide to help you create an account and play Sendit on Snapchat.

What is Sendit on Snapchat

Sendit is a platform that allows users to discover new augmented reality games and play them with their friends. Playing these augmented reality games with friends can be a fun and light-hearted way to start a conversation on Snapchat. It allows you to post top lens games and receive responses from friends via participating social media platforms.

Friends can communicate anonymously with one another. Thanks to the app’s many augmented reality activities. With Sendit, users may choose games, begin playing them on Snapchat and then invite their friends to join their game.


Install Sendit App on your smartphone

Currently, you can not use Sendit without downloading the app. Sendit app is available for both Android users and iOs users. You can download the app from Google Play Store/Apple’s App Store.

Getting the Sendit app is very easy. Sendit app is available both on the Google play store and Apple’s App Store.

Android Users

iPhone Users

Creating your account on Sendit

To make advantage of the service, you must first create an account with Sendit. When signing up for an account, you agree to supply Sendit with accurate, true, current, and complete information about yourself. Each user is only allowed to have one account.


  • Only one account per user is allowed
  • You should be 17 years or older to join the platform
  • A parent or guardian’s permission is required if you are under the age of 18 (or the legal age of majority in your country) to use the Sendit.

Now you have created your account on the platform, let’s learn how to do Sendit on Snap

How to do Sendit on Snapchat

To do Sendit on Snapchat, follow these steps:

  • Pick a Sendit game
  • Start the game on Snapchat
  • Invite your friends
  • Friends will answer right on your story
  • Get responses on Sendit

Users choose games from Sendit, launch them within Snapchat, and then invite their friends to play. The user’s Sendit inbox receives responses to the photo-based question from pals. Additionally, players can pay hints that reveal the identities of anonymous respondents.

The Ask Me Thing on Sendit

Getting the ask me thing on Sendit is easy, follow these steps:

  • Choose “Ask me a thing” on Sendit
  • Friends answer right on your story
  • Get responses on Sendit

Questions for Sendit

On the Sendit platform, you can see questions such as:

  • Ask me a thing
  • Truth or Dare Questions
  • Never Have I Ever Type Questions
  • True or False Type Questions

Creating group Sendit on Snapchat

To start a group Sendit on Snapchat, post your questions one by one to make a group of questions at a time. However, you can not post all your questions once in a story. You have to make different slides to ask different questions at a time.

Replying to a Sendit

Sending a reply to a Sendit question is not rocket science. To reply to a Sendit:

  • Click on the question you would like to answer.
  • A text box will appear.
  • Now type your reply and send it.

Safety on Sendit Platform

Sendit is safe if you are playing it the right way. Playing Sendit games with the wrong people might be dangerous. Only people with whom you’ve shared your Sendit can respond to your messages. Play Sendit games exclusively with people you know and trust.

Dealing with bullies

Report bullying or harassment to the Sendit support team and discuss the situation with them. Please remember to block all harassing texts and refrain from engaging the bully further.

Anonymity on the Sendit platform

Sendit allows you to send anonymous Snapchat questions and answers to other Sendit users, therefore it does not show who send it. Using this app, you can ask a question to your Snapchat friends who can anonymously respond with answers. The app’s growing popularity can be attributed to the anonymity it provides for communicating and feedback.

But Sendit knows who you are even if your name isn’t on the messages you send. The sender of a message may be revealed in specific instances. There is no such thing as complete anonymity on the Sendit platform.

Fake messages and bots free platform

Since Sendit only allows registered users on their platform, therefore, you will not receive any fake response from a bot. To put it simply, there is no scope for bots to message you.

Meaning of TBH on Sendit

You have probably seen this acronym while using Sendit on Snapchat. It simply means ‘To Be Honest’

Wrapping it up

I enjoy using this app. It allows me to be more open when my friends ask me amusing questions. I especially appreciate that it is anonymous, as it makes individuals much more comfortable asking and responding to questions. I appreciate the games and the opportunity to learn more about certain individuals.


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