How Much Money Do You Make On YouTube (Does The Number Of Subscribers Matter?)

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The number of Subscribers is the wrong metric to analyze the YouTube income.

You should focus more on the number of views rather than the number of subscribers. It depends on many things such as the niche and the CPM rates. Average rates are between $0.5 to $6 per thousand ad views. If your engagement is good enough, 10 million subscribers can make you $40k to $75k revenue with Adsense.


To make the highest income out of your subscribers you need to focus on creating engaging content and clickbaity titles. In this way, you can get more and more views. If your titles are not catchy and your content is boring, you won’t get enough views. In this case, the number of subscribers doesn’t matter.

Making money online is a realistic way for millions of people to make money by acquiring their talents, expertise, and resources. Established about 15 years ago, YouTube provides the ideal place to begin the channel and attempt to monetize it with over 1 billion hours of content viewed every day. You make money on YouTube based on the number of views. But before you ask, “How many opinions do you need to make money on YouTube?” Let’s explain that the video views don’t pay you, but rather the number of views ads get.


You should be aware of one more thing that YouTube will take 45% of the total ad revenue you generate. If you post trending videos, you get additional views and money. Because trending videos may go viral. But I believe that an average YouTube Channel with 10,000 subscribers can make at least $1,000,000 per annum. However, the YouTube channel could have 10 million subscribers, but if none of them watch its videos then it will generate nothing. It depends on how engaging the audience you have, their watch time, and the CPM rates of your niche.

You must admit the fact that the number of subscribers isn’t a fair indicator for judging a YouTube channel. You must create quality content to get enough views. Of course, it’s possible to earn money on YouTube. With continuous and successful jobs, everyone can succeed on YouTube.


Basically, how much money you will make in your channel, your place, and how long you will spend on YouTube. YouTube monetization in 1000 views is on average 0.5 to 6 USD, depending on the position of the audience and the target audience. The cost per mille is also known as CPM. There are several different figures, but the majority of channels receive $0.5 per 1000 views. It is not easy to get enough active subscribers and viewers to make money for a YouTube living.

The average CPM rate per 1000 commercial views is the average rate. So you need to create a loyal fanbase to increase your ad sales to be more involved and to regularly upload videos.
You can always start a YouTube channel, but to be effective you must have a plan at the outset and be careful of the quality of the content from the outset.
Effective YouTubers typically begin their video with an introduction that is often their trademark. You can create a high-quality intro that gives your videos a professional look, with many YouTube entry makers online.


The Youtuber average, which normally makes around $56,000 a year with 1 million subscribers. A YouTube channel makes averages around $5000 a month with one million subscribers. You make ad revenue-sharing based on your CPM possible when you monetize your video via the Google Partner program. Cost per 1,000 views is a measure of how much money advertisers will spend on your YouTube video advertising. However, according to Business Insider, no YouTube designer has the same CPM consistently, as advertisers pay various rates based on several variables, such as geography, Saison, and theme (typically, your CPM rate is higher for informative, business-focused content over personal vlogs, as an example).

The secret to success on YouTube is to produce videos that are extremely attractive and attractive for the people who can see them. You will send a signal to the YouTube algorithms, which your video is interesting for every view and each comment, which will allow YouTube to send your channel more traffic.

CPM Vs Subscribers

Subscribers are worthwhile because they are most likely, but don’t know how much money they make. they are the best way to understand your content and to share it with others. You must look at the “cost per mille,” also known as costs per 1,000 ad impressions or CPM, to get a more precise understanding of what creators are paying for. In return for exclusive content and rewards, Patreon helps developers to make money from their most loyal subscribers. It’s easy to make as much of Patreon as you make of ad revenue, but before you see much upside you have to create a lot of followers. This post has a good picture of how your income can expand above and beyond what you can make from YouTube advertisements with the Patreon account.