Getting Traffic To Your Blog In 2020: What Works Now?

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We shouldn’t be foolish: promoting your blog is not that easy these days. It is a long process and your efforts to get more visitors to your blog usually only have a temporary effect. What will still work in this decade?

For now, I assume that there are enough articles on your blog and that it is a little wrong with the content itself. I also leave the tips for search engine optimization for what they are. Not because they wouldn’t work – SEO is still the best guarantee for the structural growth of your blog over time – but because not everyone is willing or able to delve into this.

Promote the blog with the long haul

When we think of blog promotion, we usually don’t get much further than unabashedly dumping links on social media. That strategy may still work, but it is certainly no longer the guaranteed fat pot of yesteryear. No, the result of those simple partial actions is usually very poor. And very temporary. What do you do?

1. Get noticed on social media. With your blog

It is therefore not the case that as a blogger you have nothing to look for on social media. If only because many people discover new blogs through socials and quite a few followers rely on the same social media to stay informed of new content on your site. As a rule, you are on social media to:

  • make contact with your (potential) followers
  • to listen to questions and problems from your followers
  • talk about the topics you blog about
  • Share interesting content from others about your blog topics (don’t forget to tag them )
  • give spontaneous help and suggestions when people raise a problem
  • to gauge responses to your content and/or future articles
  • helping to support interesting projects of your followers

In short, ideally, your socials are not just about you (w content). All the more for your followers and the (hot) topics you blog about. Ultimately, what you want is that your followers – and other influencers within your niche – see your channels as a source of knowledge about your topics.

That does not mean that you should never use the classic sharing link to your new article again. Be aware that this way you will not make a lasting impression on your followers …

Post a link to your blog in all your social media profiles

I feel like I can keep knocking on this nail forever. So again: put a link to your blog in your bio on social media. If you apply the above suggestions and tips, many people will click on your profile. If there is no link to your blog, then you expertly wipe out golden opportunities.

More generally speaking, it is smart to leave your blog name cum URL everywhere where this can and may be done with impunity. No, that won’t cause a tsunami of blog traffic. But little by little, your brand awareness will improve.

Boost your Facebook fan page

How do you do that? Certainly not by filling your fan page with links to your recent blog posts. Facebook shows that kind of simple messages less and less to your followers, with all the consequences that entail. Just like on the rest of your social media channels, you would do well to look for interaction with your followers:

  • Ask specific questions
  • Share interesting content from others (about things you yourself might blog about)
  • Ask your followers for their opinion on hot topics around your niche
  • Use your fan page to help your followers with problems

Be active in Facebook groups and other internet forums where your blog topics are discussed

Not to spam your blogs by force. Well, to present yourself as someone with knowledge. And when the opportunity arises, you can safely refer (specifically) to your blog (posts).

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is a major visual search engine for images rather than a social media platform. The interaction between users is minimal. And so the number of followers is also much less important. Create a nice pin for each blog post, divide it over relevant boards and Pinterest can give your blog a big boost. If you really want a tsunami of visitors in 2020, it has to come from Pinterest.

3. Promote your blog via Instagram?

At first sight, Instagram is not immediately the ideal place to promote your blog. Partly because you cannot link to your blog post in your Instagram posts. So you will have to make your followers curious enough for them to go to your Instagram bio (where a link to your site can be placed).

However, the platform is so popular that you as a blogger can hardly stay away from it. Nicole Adelaars gives some tips to use Instagram in the function of your blog.

4. Collaborate with other bloggers

Well, what can you imagine when collaborating with other bloggers? You may spontaneously think of some form of guest blogging. But you don’t even have to take it that far. For example, why not meet with a few befriended bloggers to share each other’s articles? Or to place links in your articles to other people’s work if that is useful? Then inform each other.

Take a smart and systematic approach to this and in this way, you systematically increase your reach.

Do you not feel like making those agreements with your colleagues and do you not want to be pinned down to anything? Nothing prevents you from regularly sharing nice content from fellow bloggers on your own. That way you also stand in the spotlight. With your followers and with those whose articles you share. Sooner or later, positive things can happen.

5. Anything with Youtube?

In 2020 you will have more than one foot if you dare to come into the picture with your face full. The combination of your blog and a YouTube channel is therefore very strong. You have at least two irons in the fire.

6. Launch a new concept in your niche

Okay, of course, that’s much easier said than done. That new concept should be something that appeals to your target audience. A term that your readers want / will use spontaneously. And when there is written about that new concept, it is of course not surprising that a link to your blog comes as the origin of the new concept. Additional backlinks for your blog and greater brand awareness are the result.

7. Write an e-book and make it available for free (without people having to subscribe to your newsletter)

A slightly ambitious blogger is familiar with the bait-in-exchange-for-an-email address. Whether that bait is a free e-book or something else doesn’t matter. Also, make your free giveaway available WITHOUT people having to subscribe to your mailing list.

Reason? Not everyone is willing to leave their name and e-mail address with you just like that. Not even if they receive something for free. However, by letting your visitors choose (just download the free giveaway or actually register on the mailing list) you lower the threshold to get in touch with you (your work).

Good, the people who are only interested in the gift will not be on your mailing list but will get in touch with your story.

8. Also work offline on the brand awareness of your blog

Promoting your blog should include an offline now and then. Something strange is going on with a lot of bloggers. They don’t mind spamming half the internet with links to their blog; if necessary, drag visitors by their hair to their content. And that while in real life they hardly dare to talk to their blog. Bizarre, right?

You can also make people enthusiastic about your blogging project outside the online world. That is if you come out of your shell. 3 tips:

  1. Practice the elevator pitch for your blog so that you can quickly and concretely explain to people what your blog is all about.
  2. Have T-shirts made with your blog name and URL? And wear them. A great conversation starter!
  3. Print business cards for your blog so that you can leave them with an interested conversation partner. He or she is less likely to forget your blog and may actually visit your blog.


Promoting your blog, I think you can safely say that it has certainly not become easier in recent years. Especially since much less can simply run on automatic pilot. Pinterest is the exception, but for how long?


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