How To Get Sponsored By Clothing Brands On Instagram (Smart Way)

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If you’ve ever wanted to get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram, then you’re reading the right article. That’s because you’re about to discover my easy guide for getting sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram.

But before reaching out to the brand you have to ask one question to yourself-

Why should a clothing brand sponsor you?

What does a brand look for in Instagram sponsorship?

Brands take several things into account when investigating the sponsorship of Instagram. Follow these tips and distinguish companies pursuing collaborations with micro-influencers!

Here I have listed 5 tweaks you can apply to make your profile strong to get sponsored by clothing brands.

how to get sponsored by clothing brands on instagram

Set Up An Engaging Profile

How to get sponsored by a clothing brand on Instagram? With the best Instagram profile available!

All is the first experience. Choose a flattering, friendly but professional picture. You can also use Instagram color themes and filters for your Instagram feed to make your profile exclusive and unforgettable.

Also, be sure that your aim is clearly established and you clarify who you are. People want to know more about you. You must also understand why you should comply!

You want people to find you, so include in your biography contact details like your e-mail address and links!

Do not use bots to build your followers!

how to get sponsored by clothing brand on instagram hacks

Post Regularly

Another important thing to get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram is posting regularly.

Consistency is the key!

Posting once a day improves the chances of attracting and having more supporters!

So why is it so important to have regularly posted?

If you’re not posting regularly, people may forget or unfollow you.

Plus, brand new fresh, high-quality content is loved by the Instagram algorithm. When you keep them regular and reliable, your posts would be more likely to be featured.

Mornings might be better than evenings, depending on your niche or sector, and some days of the week may be better than others.

Using your Instagram analytics to find out when to post and incorporate it through your posting schedule for the best days and times.

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Build a strong & branded profile

You must be sure that you specifically establish a brand on Instagram if you wonder how you can receive sponsored offers by clothing brands on Instagram. Build a simple, interesting, and consistent dialogue.

Influencers gain attention by sticking with something particular and having more supporters on their Instagram pages. Why does this happen? It makes their content more available for those who are interested in this niche or lifestyle!

So what is the story to tell you?

If you’re an artist, share your artistic journey. Write down what drives art to be created, where your art is made, and what your own work is!

Document your shopping trips, make screenshots of the brands you want, and imagine your outfits if you are a fashion blogger.

Concentrate on it and deal with it, whatever your “thing” is! It helps tell your story and fascinates you.

Now, Let’s move on to the next step to get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram –

clothing brand sponsorship build brand

Build Loyal & Engaged Followers

A good audience is crucial to get the clothing brands like you! Loyal followers are more likely to place their trust in and involve themselves in a niche market. This leads to further sales and the growth of your individual brand on Instagram.

Make sure you address an audience that matches your brand story.

You need your Instagram audience to connect as well. Answer your feed comments, even if it is only an emoji with a smiley.

If you receive a DM, do your best to reply straight away! You can also commit to Instagram Stories! Creating story surveys and requesting opinions.

Be part of your supporters and your story lovers.

To get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram, A niche specific & engaged audience is essential.

Use Hashtags, Geotags, and Brand Tags For More Engagement

The resources you need to use to make your content findable are all three forms of tags. This way, thousands of tags will be sponsored on Instagram!

Instagram posts that use hashtags earn thirty percent more attention than those that do not use any at all. But you must correctly use them!

For your brand, the best hashtags for Instagram are important and apply directly to what you share. You can use up to 30 hashtags at once but per post, the sweet spot is about 10 or so.

There would be a lot of competition for the excessively large hashtags that are used a million times.

It would be much harder to get noticed if you are using a common hashtag such as #photography or #dailylife.

Try a mix of less broad hashtags that do not have as many attached tweets, and more basic hashtags that have only been used a few hundred thousand times, or hashtags that are used to get noticed even less.

Geotags on Instagram will make it easier for your profile to be identified by local clothing brands and textile companies. This step is very important to get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram.

The perfect move to getting clothing brand deals is labeling brands in your posts. Not only would the brand receive a notification and see your message, but in the comments, individuals who are interested in the product or service may also ask.

To gain popularity, start by using smaller clothing companies or brands that are less inundated with tags. You can still step up later on to more popular clothing brands!

get clothing brand sponsorship hashtags

How to get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram: How to reach out to a clothing brand & ask for a sponsorship

Nothing is wrong with hitting brands and delivering your services. You can land gigs without expecting brands to find you with the right pitch.

Look for brands that obviously invest in their Instagram presence time and resources. You can begin by investigating which similar influencers already sponsor your industry. Recall, it’s all right to start tiny. You can build a portfolio by partnering with smaller brands.

Curate a list of clothing brands that might want to partner with you.

For example, I have curated a list of the top 15 clothing brands in the USA

List of top clothing brands in the USA

  1. Old Navy.
  2. Victoria’s Secret.
  3. Gap.
  4. American Eagle Outfitters.
  5. Coach.
  6. The Banana Republic.
  7. Nike
  8. Hollister
  9. Abercrombie & Fitch
  10. Levi’s
  11. Polo Ralph Lauren
  12. J.Crew
  13. Under Armour
  14. Vans
  15. Eddie Bauer

Shoot them (clothing brands) an email when you have built a list of clothing brands that you might like to join in. In your pitch, outline clearly and briefly who you are, what you are doing, and any accomplishments that make you an expert in the field. Then, explain why you suit the brand well and provide details like follower numbers and the overall participation rate.

Alternatively, a brand can be sent directly from Instagram. It is definitely more significant for the job you are struggling for, but if a brand gets hundreds of DMs every day it might get lost.

Now the next step to get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram is to pitch the brands, Let’s learn how to do it-

What you need to know before asking clothing brands for a sponsorship

Do not make unfair requests. You need to know your worth and feel comfortable asking for what you think you deserve. But you need to be practical, versatile, and open to debate.

Explain who you are, explain what you are doing. Let the brand know what your particular niche or sector is and why you will be a valuable asset to them.

share important statistics with them, such as the number of followers, the rate of interaction, and other critical insights. These help explain why the brand will be a perfect option for you to promote. Your stats also demonstrate that you know what you need to excel in doing it!

Get sponsored by clothing brands on Instagram: How much should you charge?

Make sure that you know how much amount you should ask for when reaching out to a brand. The industry norm is 7-8 dollars for 1,000 fans, but it can also adjust depending on how many people you want the per message.

Besides, you can charge more as you expand.

You may bargain to allow clothing brands to pay more whereas you want to have a minimum package. Maybe you are going to post a bundle of 5 Instagram Story posts for $200 and a 12-hour link in your bio to the website.

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