Facebook Marketplace vs OfferUp: Which app is better to buy and sell?

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Selling old clothes or that guitar you don’t use anymore can be an overwhelming task, especially if you want to ensure they sell as quickly and easily as possible. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to selling your items online but in this article, I’ll go through two of the most popular ones on Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp. I will break down the differences between the two, what costs you might have to consider, and what other features are available for the buyer and seller.

The main difference between Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp is that Facebook Marketplace has a larger userbase than OfferUp. Facebook has more than 2.9 billion monthly active users while the offer up has 20 million active users only. That means your product will get more reach on Facebook Marketplace than OfferUp. Hence the Facebook Marketplace is the winner considering the userbase.

But apart from the number of users, I would like to include many more things in this comparison like design, response time, ease of selling, etc. Let’s see which app is better.

Facebook Marketplace vs OfferUp: Comparison

Facebook Marketplace

The best thing about The Facebook Marketplace is that there is no need to carry around a different app on your phone for buying and selling, it’s all in one place and it’s much more convenient.

Facebook created the marketplace to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers using Facebook Groups. By establishing a listing, anyone may sell an item on Facebook Marketplace. All product profiles are public, which means your post will appear on all Facebook channels and search engines.

Here’s the countrywide statistics data of Facebook users. Source- Statista


  • AI-powered marketplace assistant
  • Free listing
  • Simple to set up ads
  • More users than its competitors


  • Unwanted notifications issues
  • Facebook marketplace often lags
  • Purchase protection is not available for some locations


The OfferUp app is designed to simplify the process of purchasing and selling used stuff for sale in your area. This garage sale app makes it simple to shop for used stuff from the convenience of your own home, with hundreds of new items being posted every day. Buyers may explore thousands of local ads, save things they like, ask buyers questions, and make bids directly through the platform.

With 44 million monthly users spending more than 20 minutes a day on the app, OfferUp simplifies the process of selling or finding an item. OfferUp has been a Top 5 Shopping app in the App Store and Google Play Store for over three years, with over 75 million app downloads.


  • Provides guides for both buyers and sellers
  • Buyers and sellers can rate each other
  • Once you’ve downloaded the OfferUp app, you’re supposed to be able to begin selling your stuff within 30 seconds.
  • OfferUp lets you choose whether to sell the item locally or transport it across the country.
  • Provides purchase protection


  • Too Many Third-Party Ads
  • Location setting issues within the app
  • Sometimes customer care service takes time to respond

Safety Features

Facebook Marketplace Safety Features

  • Identity Verification
  • Secure Messaging with Messenger
  • User Ratings

While Facebook Marketplace is supported by the social networking giant, purchasing and selling products through the site carries the same risks as purchasing on other peer-to-peer platforms or through classified advertising in the local newspaper.

Facebook has its guidelines about being safe on Facebook Marketplace.

OfferUp Safety Features

  • Registration is required for both buyers and sellers
  • Identity Verification is essential for both buyers and sellers
  • A secure in-app messaging system without sharing personal information
  • Community meet up spots
  • User Ratings

Sellers on OfferUp are protected not just by their policies and relationships, but also by their industry-leading fraud detection, automation, machine learning, and data models, all of which contribute to OfferUp being the simplest, most trusted way to purchase and sell. OfferUp personnel is dedicated to preventing and mitigating fraudulent behavior.

Here’s what OfferUp says about safety

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to violations of good citizenship. This is a place to be your best self. If you infringe on the security, privacy, safety, or dignity of members of the Offer Up community, your stay in our marketplace will be short. No bullying, no violence, no threats.


Facebook marketplace is more heavily focused on design and user experience. The layout is mostly white, with blue accents. Offerup, on the other hand, uses a lime green and orange color scheme which looks cool. Both apps have a beautiful design.


Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace offers free listing. It does not charge any fee.


Both sellers and buyers can post and browse products on OfferUp for free, and both parties can buy items with cash for free. When an item is sold, the buyer may be responsible for paying service fees or delivery expenses, depending on the circumstances.

Response time

OfferUp has a much faster response time, with items appearing as soon as they’re posted, whereas the Facebook marketplace often lags several minutes behind. I was able to post on offer up and have it appear within seconds. By contrast, I had to post something on the Facebook marketplace and then wait 5-10 minutes for it to show up.

Additional Features

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Assistant – Facebook Marketplace Assistant is an AI-powered chatbot that’s available in Facebook Messenger. It can answer questions about buying and selling on the trading platform and help with some transactions like asking for proof of ownership, shipping labels, and feedback requests. Used by tens of millions of people every month, it has helped make the overall experience on Facebook Marketplace easier.


Community MeetUp Spots – This is the best thing I like about OfferUp.  These spots are well-lit, highly visible sites with security cameras like police stations, sheriff stations, and partnering stores where buyers and sellers can trade stuff for cash. All OfferUp community members, as well as anyone looking for a safer area to transact, can use these public places for free.


Facebook Marketplace is a great option if you’re already comfortable using Facebook. The platform is easy to use and there’s a large pool of potential buyers and sellers to choose from. One downside of Marketplace is that there have been reports of scams, so it’s important to be cautious when using the platform.

OfferUp has a few advantages over Marketplace. First, all transactions on the platform are protected by OfferUp’s buyer protection. This means that if you don’t receive your item or if it’s not as described, you can get your money back. OfferUp also offers built-in buyer and seller protection.

I would always prefer the Facebook marketplace over OfferUp because Facebook Marketplace has a huge user base. With Facebook Marketplace I can reach more buyers than OfferUp.

fb marketplace and offerup comparison
Facebook Marketplace vs OfferUp

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