Are You A New Blogger? Follow This Action Plan To Grow Your Blog

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Have you recently started your blog and do you want to grow your blog?

Do you have big ambitions? Do you want your blog to be read by a lot of people?

Do you want to become interesting for companies by blogging a lot? Or do you have other ambitious plans for your blog?

It is important to draw up an action plan so that your blog can grow in a targeted manner.

You can compare the growth of a blog with the growth of a flower. If you water a flower sufficiently and know how to care for it properly, the flower will grow into a beautiful flower.

This is also the case with a blog: it is simply necessary to put the right effort into your blog.

In this article, you will discover how to grow a new blog. I am going to give you the tools that you then have to work with yourself.

Thanks to this extensive action plan, you at least know how to approach the growth of your blog.

Have you become curious? Then be sure to read on.

If you have not yet managed to get your blog online and you need help setting up your blog, please check out this article first.



First of all, let me start with an important question. What is really important for a blog? Which aspects must be in order with a blog so that you can start growing at all?

First of all, your blog must be technically in order. Your blog must be available 24/7, must be fast, and must also be mobile responsive.

Several reports from Google show that the number of mobile visitors continues to increase. To grow your blog, it is therefore important that your blog is perfectly visible on a smartphone and a tablet. You can ensure that by making your blog mobile responsive.

Besides, it is also important that you are unique.

Your blog should not be an identical copy of another blog. No, your blog should be unique, so you get value offers for visitors.

Finally, it is also important that you have enough commitment. Growing a blog depends on your input, commitment, and perseverance.

You have to realize that you are facing tough competition on the internet. This tough competition simply ensures that you must have sufficient perseverance.

You have to want to get the most out of it every day so that in the long run you will really reap the benefits of your efforts because many visitors come to your blog and you can earn money with your blog if you want.

However, it is not yet that far. Now you have to start by applying the tips below to grow your new blog.

I have written out useful tips for you below. These tips form the basis of the action plan for growing your blog.

Follow the tips, make sure you have enough perseverance, and pursue your goals and dreams. Also, remember the following quote: “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

In short: anything is possible, as long as you continue to believe in yourself!


Do you have any idea what’s most important about a blog? Content.

Content is everything the internet is all about.

The first step in the action plan is therefore to regularly publish good content.

I would like to tell you a bit more about that.

What do I mean by good content? Good content is content that is written correctly, is unique, and offers value for the visitor.

The unique aspect is clear. Google hates so-called duplicate content. If you copy content from, for example, a competitor, you will only receive penalty points from Google.

Your blog will not grow as a result and you will not get a better ranking within Google. No, you must produce unique content yourself.

Besides, the content must be valuable. Your visitor does not just end up on your blog. No, the visitor is looking for certain information, for certain entertainment, or the answer to his / her question.

By delivering valuable content, you can serve the visitor at his / her beck and call. Besides, Google attaches great importance to valuable content. Google’s algorithm is so incredibly smart.

This algorithm can parse all content and attach a certain value to it. By producing unique and valuable content, you can serve both your visitors and Google perfectly.

Finally, I would like to give you a tip to regularly post content. Make content planning that is feasible for you. Some bloggers manage to post a new article three times a week. Others publish a new article every two weeks.

My advice is to choose a frequency that is feasible for you but to make sure you keep it regular. It is also true that Google attaches great value to the content that is posted regularly.

In short: do you want to grow your blog? Then make a content planning and regularly provide new content.

This content must be unique and must offer value to your visitors. If you manage to do that, the content will also be rated well for Google. That way you get better rankings within Google and that will eventually lead to an increase in the number of organic visitors.


Above you have read one way that you can attract more organic visitors.

However, there are also many ways to attract visitors to your website in a non-organic way.

Social media marketing is extremely popular these days. Why? Simply because a lot of people are active on one or more social media channels.

What exactly is social media marketing about?

Well, by promoting your blog on social media, you can work on your brand awareness in a great way. This greater brand awareness will eventually lead to more visitors to your website.

Besides, you can also actively advertise through social media. Thanks to the advertising options, you can easily select which Facebook users should see your Facebook ad. This allows you to advertise in a cheap and targeted way.

Social media marketing is also important to post good content. Your posts on Instagram and Facebook, for example, must offer value and must be unique. In that respect, this content fits perfectly with what I have described above.

By posting the right messages on social media, you can create more interaction. Besides, it is also a great opportunity to work on your brand awareness.

In short: plenty of opportunities to grow your blog through social media marketing.

I would like to give one more tip here. In social media marketing, you must know what you are doing.

Therefore, draw up an action plan in advance. Realize well what you want to post on social media and how you want to do this. Do you want to use videos for this? Or are you more of a fan of text messages?

The choice is yours. My advice is to connect it to your blog so that everything remains recognizable for your current/new visitors.


In this article, you have already seen the name of Google a few times. You no doubt know that Google is the most powerful party on the internet.

If you manage to obtain good rankings within Google, it is possible to attract a lot of visitors.

But we are not there yet. No, you need to get the Onpage SEO in order first. What exactly is On-page SEO?

The term On-page SEO is part of search engine optimization (SEO). With this, you try to optimize your website, so that Google values ​​your website as much as possible.

This will put you higher in the rankings for relevant keywords. This will eventually lead to more visitor numbers.

With On-page SEO it is important to have the content in order, to optimize the meta-descriptions, and to optimize the page titles.

Besides, it is important to provide an internal link structure and to provide images with relevant ALT text.

In short: on-page SEO is about many facets. This indirectly also means that you can achieve a lot of profit in this area.

To make perfect use of this way of search engine optimization, some basic knowledge is required.

Don’t you have that knowledge (yet)? Then I can heartily advise you to read a lot about this on the internet. A great many blogs have focused on this specific topic and can therefore provide you with valuable information.

By reading a lot, you simply acquire the necessary knowledge. You can then apply that knowledge in practice so that your website is optimized for search engines.

This gives you higher rankings within Google and you can therefore attract more visitors to your website.


If you are active in a niche, you will undoubtedly have to deal with competitors. These competitors also have their own blog and are of course also trying to grow.

My advice is to join forces. For example, exchange a guest blog, respond to each other’s blog, and also respond to each other’s social media channels.

The ultimate goal is of course to beat your competitors. Before that, however, you can also use them to grow your blog. By joining forces, it is simply possible to grow.


Do the visitors on your blog have the option to sign up for a newsletter, for example?

No? Then you have to start doing that very quickly.

The so-called email marketing is becoming increasingly important. Through email marketing, you can inform your followers about new blog articles or new developments within your website.

By regularly sending out an email, your followers will keep in touch with your brand/blog. This contributes to brand awareness and thus you can build a large (er) fan base.

It is also possible to logically increase your visitor numbers through email marketing. This is of course desirable at all times.


Are you talking about spending money to attract (new) visitors? Yes? Then I can heartily recommend you to get started with online advertisements.

These online advertisements enable you to attract many new visitors. Of course, you must know how to use online advertisements in the right way.

As mentioned above, I can recommend that you use Facebook Ads, for example.

It is perfectly possible to optimize your ad via Facebook so that only your target group will see this ad.

This allows you to advertise in a very targeted manner, while also keeping costs relatively low. You simply benefit from all the knowledge that Facebook has about all users.

This part of the action plan is only interesting if you want to spend money. Don’t you have such a need for that? Then it is advisable to follow up on the other points from this action plan.

Those points do not cost money and can be done by yourself. It is up to you to decide what you choose to grow your blog!


So, I have already come to the end of this article. Do you want to grow your blog? So do this by bundling the above points in an action plan and thus grow considerably.

I would therefore advise you to get started with the above points. Try things out, experiment, and eventually see which ways offer the best results.

By showing a lot of effort, you can make a success of any blog. I’m convinced of that.

Good luck with growing your blog using the above action items and let me know in a comment below this article if I can help you further!


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