How Safe Are Snapchat Ads? Scam Or Legit ( The Truth)

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When I started out with Snapchat advertising, I always wondered whether Snapchat Ads are safe or not. I asked many marketers about it. I also researched a lot on this topic, but the reviews were mixed.

Many people said that It was safe but others said that It might not be safe, so I should not go with it. ( I believe they actually had not tried it. Because when I asked reasons that why Snapchat ads were not safe, they couldn’t come up with an idea. ) Then I decided to give it a try. After using it for a couple of months, here’s my experience-

Snapchat ads are safe. Snapchat does not sell buyer’s personal data to anyone. If you are a buyer, you don’t have to worry about its safety. However, If you are a scammer, you need to worry about getting banned, because Snapchat is very strict about its rules and policies. If any bad ad is reported, Snapchat takes strict action against it.

Here we need to understand that it is a self-serve ad network. So anyone can post an ad and as a big platform, It is quite difficult to manually check whether an advertiser is genuine or fake. That’s why It relies on reporting.


What Makes Snapchat Ads Safe

Here are some safety features that I liked in Snapchat.

Snapchat Is Strict Regarding Brand Safty

Snapchat is very strict regarding brand safety. It immediately takes action against offenders, whether that’s removing a Story and sending a warning, or deleting an account permanently.

Here’s what Snapchat says about brand safety-

We want to create amazing new ways to communicate, while cultivating a vibrant community where being yourself is both fun and safe. This means creating simple creative tools and simple rules for what’s okay and what’s not. This also means taking swift action against offenders, whether that’s removing a Story and sending a warning, or deleting an account permanently.

The vast majority of Snapchatters use the app to communicate with friends and family. As with any community, cultivating a safe environment requires smart, continuous work.

Snapchat Offers Safe Advertising

For advertisers, Snapchat provides a safe environment for Snapchatters!

Curation plays a major role in the creation of a protected publicity space in most of its advertising campaigns.

For instance, when you place advertisements in Publisher Stories, your advertisements will be displayed in snaps curated by authorized publishers or Snapchat.

If your story or snap is flagged as insecure for advertisers, then your advertising will not appear in that story, nor does this story share the same panel as your Discover Promoted Story.

When you buy a Sponsored Lens, Snapchatters tend to put this branded Lens on the snaps – almost as if they had branded goods and display them to friends, colleagues, and families.

It will also moderate some famous Snaps and Stories to ensure that Snap advertising and Promoted Stories do not show up next to anything negative to your brand.

Snapchat Has Dedicated Safety and Support Teams

Snapchat has developed clear ways for people to report inappropriate snaps and content and has dedicated Security and Support Teams to help implement the rules and build a place for users and brands to feel secure.

You have to comply with Snapcaht’ss Terms and Conditions when you register for Snapchat Ads. This approach prohibits such things as bullying and sharing explicit content publicly.

Advance Technology To Detect The Violation of T&C

Snapchat has modern, automated technology for taking action against fraudulent activities. Its Abuse Engineering team is, for example, creating new ways to track Snapchat’s misuse and spam impacts. Furthermore, Snapchat invests in technical capital to support the vision of computers and other technologies that can help.

What Makes Snapchat Ads So Bad

Due to its highly secure atmosphere and the fact that Snapchat Discover benefitted from an exclusive set of publisher partners funded by human publishers, Snapchat has long been announced by publishers and ad buyers. But the ad network Snap isn’t so protected these days. As Snapchat has evolved to a self-service ad system, it has opened up to poor stakeholders, but do not anticipate that this would hurt Snap marketers.

Are Snapchat Ads Annoying?

It depends. If you are a genuine business that wants to advertise on Snapchat, It won’t be annoying for you but If you are not genuine or your business is involved in fraudulent activity, it will be annoying for you.

I always used Snapchat for genuine clients and it worked well.

Snapchat is quite smart and can smell bad intentions. Any fraudulent activity can lead to a permanent account ban.

are snapchat ads worth it
Are Snapchat Ads Safe

Are Snapchat Ads Worth it?

Snapchat ads are worth it, yes. The one thing that I liked most in Snapchat advertising is that people are so engaged in it. There are a ton of young people who share content every day. Yes, Snapchat is mostly used by young audiences. If you are targeting younger people, Snapchat can be a good advertising platform for you.

Snapchat currently offers three kinds of ad formats.  There are several subformats for each ad format, allowing advertisers several options and ways to achieve several aims. What works for one company cannot work for another one. Therefore, I usually advocate minimal budget experiments to check whether your platform’s success is achievable (or impossible).

You may also take care to evaluate your own target market and compare it with Snapchat demographics.

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Final Words

Snapchat is one of the world’s best-known social networks with 200 million active users every day. When it comes to safety, Snapchat never compromises with its principles. But if you are still worried about its safety, you can give it a try.

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Are Snapchat Ads Safe