You Won’t Find These AliExpress Hidden Links Elsewhere in 2021

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  1. Have you ever heard about Aliexpress hidden links?

Well, These are special links to buy a replica product of a Branded item.  These are fake products that look similar to a branded item. You cannot even differentiate whether the product is real or fake. Here’s an interesting story about how I first introduced to these products –

A few years back, I was scammed by a man who sold me a Sony Music System for just $ 100. The actual cost of the product was $499 USD. But the salesman said that he is a genuine seller of the company and the company is about to launch a new product that’s why they want to sell the remaining old stuff with big discounts.

I trusted him blindly and purchased the music system. I was very happy as if I got a golden nugget. But after been using the product for 6 months, Suddenly, It stopped working. Then I went to the service center of Sony Electronics, there, I got the shocking news. The product was not a real ‘Sony Music System’ It was a fake Chinese product.

Well, let’s come to the topic. These products are called replica products or in short, ‘reps’.

I’d not recommend you purchase electronics from AliExpress, Because god knows when they become out of order.

But you can try clothes, shoes, bags, watches, and various other products.

Does AliExpress Allow These Fake Products?

Aliexpress does not allow sellers to sell this type of bogus products. That’s why ‘hidden links’ come into action. To sell the fake products on AliExpress, the seller use hidden links.

The seller through his hidden links page will show you images of the original branded item that you are purchasing alongside code and a link to purchase. The link opens up in a new page on AliExpress but you can’t see images of the original branded item, alternatively, you will find a general image and description not related to the original branded item.

The image will have an identical code from the hidden links page. You pick the branded looking fake item of your preference by the code in the original post.

How to make the hidden link system work

This is a crucial part in order to make the hidden link system work. Here are some precautions you must follow. If you don’t follow these rules, then AliExpress may ban the seller and chances are, you wouldn’t receive the product from the seller.  Let’s see what you need to know before ordering replica items from AliExpress:

  • Don’t mention the Branded item name while communicating with the seller.
  • Do not mention the Branded item in the ‘Reviews’ section while providing feedback.
  • Do not upload any image of the Branded item in the ‘Reviews’ section.
  • Don’t even use a code word for the Brand name.

These are the rules you must follow to stay away from any problem. You can purchase the item again and again while the item would not show up during the general AliExpress search. But hidden links give you the opportunity to purchase the item.

aliexpress hidden links 2020

Where to find those AliExpress hidden links in 2021

To find out these AliExpress hidden links pages, I have put together some methods. There are a couple of hidden link sites I’m about to mention. However, you can find them on google, but it will take too much time. I have researched all the possible ways to find out those special sites for you. Thanks, me later 🙂

AliExpress Hidden Links Yupoo 2021:

You can buy some products on Yupoo. Here’s an AliExpress hidden link store.

Finding AliExpress Hidden Links On Facebook 2021:

You can easily find various Facebook groups where people share these kinds of hidden links. here are the steps-

  • Go to Facebook
  • Go to the search bar and type “AliExpress hidden links”
  • Join all the appropriate groups.

Finding AliExpress Hidden Links On Telegram 2021:

Just like Facebook groups, you can find a lot of Telegram groups to dig the Aliexpress hidden links. Go to the Telegram app, search for ‘AliExpress hidden links’ You will find a lot of groups.

Joining a Telegram group is easier than joining a Facebook group. Because you need to get approval to become a part of some Facebook groups but when it comes to joining the Telegram group, you don’t need any approval and you can get instant access.


Types of Brands Available as Replica [AliExpress hidden links 2021]

Most of the replica brands are clothing and shoe brands such as Adidas, Gucci, Zara, etc. You can also find Jewelry and artificial stuff. But be aware of the quality since all the goods will come from China.

Instead of ordering replica items in bulk, order a single piece to figure out the quality. If you find good quality stuff from a seller, then, you can order more stuff from him.

If you find some products of good quality, you can gift to anyone.

Best Replicas Available On AliExpress 2021

There are many replicas out there such as clothing, electronics, shoes, jewelry brands, watches, bags, etc. But the best category up to my knowledge is clothing. Because the chances of any defect are lower in this category.

Final Words

Although these products look like original branded stuff, I won’t use this stuff. It is illegal. I would also suggest not to use this type of low-quality stuff.

One more thing I don’t like about AliExpress is that you have to wait for more than a month (maybe two) to receive the product. Their delivery time sucks. Sometimes you can receive broken stuff.

Of course, you can return the ruined stuff, but again the shipping time is more than a month ( 40 days as per AliExpress official site). It will create a lot of mess. Plus, you get mental stress too. This is the main reason I always avoid AliExpress to order anything.

Have you ever bought any Replica items on AliExpress? If yes, share your experience so that other readers can see it. Plus, what was the quality of the product? Are you satisfied with the product?




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