7 Tips To Write High Quality Blog Post [ Never Write A Boring Blog Post Again]

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Creating a blog and writing blog posts is very simple. At least, as long as you don’t care how many people come to read your blogs. However, most bloggers are not like that. A (much) larger readership usually makes blogging more fun, so interesting content must be created. Logical, because visitors don’t come to your blog for nothing.

Interesting content for more engagement

Of course as a blogger you want your blog to attract visitors. Your articles need to be clicked on and read, but that’s just the start.

What about readers who not only scan your blog but also read it carefully? Or people who like to tap multiple messages? Visitors, who come back regularly for more of those goodies? Fans who leave comments, share your pieces on social media? All signs of engagement on your blog. But how do you do that in this hectic digital age?

1. The most interesting content – for the general public – is usually not about you

Yes, it helps if you tell a personal story on such a blog. In your typical, inimitable style and seasoned with tasty anecdotes if possible. Along the way, make sure that your story is not only interesting to yourself, your best friends, your mother, and possibly the neighbor’s cat.

Always take the place of your (future) reader while writing. What exactly makes your story fun or educational for him? What is the value of the tank for your visitors? What do they need and how are they best – and fastest – served?

2. Provide quality blog posts

Provide informative messages. They are usually a bit longer in length, although it is about much more than just the number of words an article has. Again, try to be of service to your reader. To help him with the things he is (possibly) looking for, to coach him.

This can be done with a very extensive and well-structured article of 2,500 words. But a 500-word message and a few good photos can be just as enlightening. Find the right format and feel free to insert some multimedia content.

  • What is quality content?

Interesting content should not only be created but also read . Have a blog where your visitors can easily spend a lot of time.

3. Be original (and a little controversial)

More blogs appear today than people can handle. It is therefore important to stand out a bit instead of offering more of the same. For example, take a strikingly controversial position and you are well on your way.

Visitors will only really get started with your content (read carefully, subscribe, share messages on social media, leave comments, like, …) if you stick your head a little above the ground level.

There are many ways to come out original: through what you say, but also through the way, you approach your blog (s).

4. Publish new posts very regularly

This tip is also seen more often. For readers, a blog only becomes really interesting (to follow) when new, interesting things appear regularly. He or she should feel like he or she is missing something if the blog is not visited often enough (see also my previous point).

You will never be able to do that if you only put an article online once every nine weeks. Successful bloggers regularly write new content and stay on top of the mind of their readers.

5. Create interesting content? Try to involve readers in your blog (s)

In an ideal world, such a blog is not only yours, it is also the blog of the (loyal) readers. How that works? For example:

Ask explicitly for interaction with your visitors/readers

This is one of the things bloggers can – no have to learn from YouTubers. On Youtube, people do not see any objection to asking viewers for reactions, likes, and subscribes. Why is that not possible on a blog?

Really do something with the feedback you receive

If your readers do take the trouble to respond or take action, then also send signals that show that you really appreciate things:

  • reply to your reader’s response
  • visit the blog of the person who responds and leave a comment if necessary
  • use comments and suggestions for inspiration on your next blog posts
  • include comments and suggestions literally in your article (with a link to the blog of the reader in question)

Create interactive content

Yes, the subject and writing style of your post can certainly elicit responses. But it certainly doesn’t hurt if readers really have to do something; if there is something to do. A giveaway, a quiz, a survey, or an online search for example.

In short, make sure that the visitors of your blog may / can / must do more than just passively scroll through the umpteenth blog post and then quickly click away. That should work with fun and interesting content. Finally, make your readers feel that their input matters.

6. Pay attention to the titles of your blog

Interesting content must be attractively packaged. The title of your piece plays a crucial role. This should stimulate your visitor/reader and make them curious. Otherwise, chances are that all your work has been in vain.

So think about it long enough. Make use of the success formulas for titles and words that trigger something in your readers.

7. Interesting content is also suitable for lazy readers

Writing compelling blog posts alone is not enough to be read, shared, and remembered. It should also be effortless for your readers to grasp. Otherwise, no one will make an effort to read your article. Therefore:


You cannot create interesting content by (always) playing it safe. It always takes a bit of a swagger these days. And it is quite a challenge to involve your readers in your blog (so that the nice content is also seen). Yet that is the direction your blog should take.

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