25 Best Online Proofreading Jobs For Beginners

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There are many industries in which people depend on editors to ensure that their publications are of good quality, professional, and, above all, free of grammatical mistakes.

Thus, if you can point out the mistakes in texts or have impeccable grammar skills, you can make serious cash online.

As online content is continuously generated online through blogs, papers, websites and other avenues, the demand for reader proofreaders is increasing (more now than ever).

Each element is focused on editorials both online (blogs, website, etc.) and offline (authors, journalists, etc.).

There are therefore many opportunities even for the complete beginner if you intend to take a revision job or start-up and run your own self-employed revision business.


Here are some best websites where you can find your clients –


Flexjobs is an online marketplace for remote, home-based, and independent jobs that will allow you to make money online for home convenience.

For any home/remote job, I suppose, this is real, you need a convenient place at home and a good Internet connection.

Flexjobs provides many individual jobs, including editing and proofreading activities.

However, Flexjobs has a price of $15 (which you can cancel anytime), granting you an access-only keycard for all the good jobs on the website.


For all kinds of freelance work, Fiverr is a goldmine. People from all over the world are here to provide their services So are the clients seeking their services.

Tasks here are also called ‘gigs’ and the gig costs begin at $5. here.

You can set up your gig for proofreading. But you need to promote your services to get clients.

You can charge an extra charge for a quicker delivery cycle or add more services to a variety of gigs to your service portfolio.


Upwork has a group of highly skilled freelancers who provide various services such as application creation, writing, customer services, design, marketing, etc.

People all over the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom are using this site to market and make money.


ProofreadingServices.com provides full and part-time jobs, but all editors must clear a 20-minute screening examination before they have any tasks assigned to them.

The hours of service and pay scale are adjustable between 19 and 46 USD per hour, depending on the schedule, with the highest pay for the most urgent time periods.


In approaching small companies, LinkedIn is incredibly useful. Here you can contact people directly, known as potential customers, who want to sell their services.

Some underestimate the use of Linkedin. It will expand your scope to other professionals. It is possible.

You just have to look after your profile, which represents your abilities and skills. You may also increase the opportunities for hire by adding testimonies or examples of your work.

Other Places To Find Proofreading Jobs:

Polished Paper


Sibia Proofreading



English Trackers

Cactus Communications

Proofreading Pal


Writer’s Relief


Scribe Media




Editor World

Is there a need for editors?

Definitely! The demand for both part-time and full-time proofreaders follows the same track with the production of digital content annually.

Simple manufacturing of online content and the chances for people to work successfully go hand in hand.

The Skills You Need

In jobs like proofreading, the only important thing is an eye for information. When you can point out from a text wall even the smallest grammar mistakes, you suit perfectly.

Besides, there is nothing else that is not so important but equally valuable:

  • Strong knowledge of grammar rules
  • Ability to concentrate for a long time
  • Compliance with strict time limits
  • And operational competences

Even if there are a few prerequisites for revision work, fundamental language skills and an eye to orthography and grammatical errors are all it takes.

However, when recruiting, some employers are searching for prior experience or certification for revision. This means that before you apply for such work, you need some structured proofreading experience.




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